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Tips and Tricks to Overcome your Dental Fears

Going to the dentist can be frightening, but you are not alone! Did you know that five to seven percent of the entire population suffer from dental anxiety? At Bel Drive Dental, we offer a wide range of options to help soothe your nerves at your next visit. As a patient at our office in Omaha, Nebraska you can rely on our team to provide safe and secure treatments that will leave you smiling!


Whether you had an unpleasant experience as a child or feel uncomfortable with the sounds from the tools at Bel Drive Dental your comfort is our TOP priority.


Rather than putting your next dental appointment on hold, here are a few ways to minimize your nerves:

  1. Having a positive attitude going into your appointment

  2. Communicate your concerns

  3. Do not hesitate to communicate your concerns to your dentist. Our team of professionals can explain any process start to finish, so you know what to expect

  4. Building trust with your provider

  5. Our providers can recommend various techniques to make you feel at ease and comfortable during the appointment

  6. Having coping strategies

  7. Distractions

  8. We encourage patients to watch television or listen to music at their appointments

  9. Relaxation

  10. Breathing Exercises

  11. Meditation

  12. Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous Oxide can be utilized for various procedures of treatment or even during a regular teeth cleaning. Prior to administrating, our team will follow the American Dental Association's guidelines to ensure you are an appropriate candidate by reviewing medical history. be sure to ask our team about this service at your next visit.

Here at Bel Drive Dental all of our professionally trained staff will assist you in making your visit the best experience possible. We take pride in building relationships with our patients as if they were our own family, providing gentle and thorough care, and teaching all patients how to best care for their teeth.


You can be sure to find relaxation services in all of our operating rooms! At all of our clinics our team will provide you with a list of services we offer to make you feel at ease during your appointment.

Dental anxiety can affect people of all ages. Here are several coping services that Neighborhood Dental offers to patients:

  1. Comfortable Chairs

  2. Heated Blankets

  3. Music

  4. TV

  5. Quite Rooms

  6. Stress Balls

  7. Conscious Sedation

  8. Nitrous Oxide

High Predictability Appointments:

One of the most effective techniques of anxiety reduction is when patients are anticipating treatment. An elaborate explanation of the appointment will be told step by step, so the patient knows exactly what to expect. If unplanned events arise, our patients will be informed with plenty of warning before continuing treatment. We have found that patients are left with a positive effect on dental anxiety and pain when details are thoroughly explained prior to their appointment.

Modeling Treatment:

Another tool to aid dental fear includes modeling treatment through visuals. This technique allows patients to hear and/or see how other patients have gone through similar treatments. At our clinic, you can find many reviews on Google and/or Facebook that provide first hand experiences from patients who have undergone treatment. In addition, our teams have access to detailed videos explaining how treatments are performed to help reduce stress and worry.


Preventive care appointments are essential in maintaining your oral health and overall health. By attending regular checkups, our dentists can identify a cavity or other oral related concerns early, which will put you less at risk from experiencing gum disease, bleeding gums, loose teeth, and bad breath.

Rather than postponing your appointments, let our caring and trustworthy staff provide you with a comfortable and enjoyable dental visit that will keep you smiling in and out of the dental chair.

What do you say? It’s a new year and your new, healthy smile awaits!

Call, text, or book online today! Your smile deserves the best, and you’ll get the best at Bel Drive Dental located in the strip mall at the corner of 120th & Arbor, in Omaha, NE.

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