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Shining Smile, Sealed Protection With Dental Sealants

For Starters, What Are Dental Sealants? Have you heard of dental sealants? These little dental superheroes might sound unassuming, but they play a giant role in keeping your smile healthy and strong—at any age! Here at Bel Drive Dental in Omaha, Dr. Callie Krajicek and Dr. Jeffery Nielsen are big believers in the power of […]

Happy Teeth, Happy Kids Here At Bel Drive Dental

As we kick off Children’s Oral Health Month this February, we understand parents have numerous questions about their little one’s dental care. From teething to toothbrushing techniques, we’ve got you covered! Dive into our blog to discover tips on maintaining your child’s oral hygiene, navigating dental visits, and fostering healthy habits that last a lifetime. […]

Bite Back: Understanding and Conquering Sudden Tooth Pain

Cracking the Code of Sudden Tooth Pain  Ouch! Sudden tooth pain can be a real deal-breaker, disrupting your day and leaving you searching for answers. At Bel Drive Dental, we understand the urgency of addressing unexpected dental discomfort. Let’s explore the potential culprits behind sudden tooth pain and what you can do about it. Common […]

Restore Your Gum Health

DID YOU KNOW? Periodontitis affects roughly one-third of the US population (Shaddox LM, Walker CB). When periodontitis is diagnosed early, it avoids more challenging and severe stages of the disease. What Is Periodontal Disease? For starters, periodontal diseases are infections of the gums, which gradually destroy the support of your natural teeth. How Does Periodontal […]