Unlocking Importance of Dental Health

Dental and oral health is an essential part of your overall health and well-being. Your oral health reveals clues regarding your overall health. You can protect yourself by understanding the connection between the two.

Typically, the body’s natural defenses and good oral health care (daily brushing and flossing), help keep bacteria under control. However, without proper and consistent oral hygiene, bacteria can grow that may lead to discomforting oral infections, which can then lead to various health conditions. Our experienced team at Bel Drive Dental are here to share tips to keep your oral health in tip-top shape

Signs & Symptoms to Keep your Eyes On:

  • Ulcers or sores, won’t heal after a week or two
  • Bleeding or swollen gums after brushing or flossing
  • Frequent dry mouth
  • Sudden sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures or beverages
  • Pain or Toothache (especially with chewing or biting)
  • Loose or cracked teeth
  • Receding gums
  • Swelling of the face and cheek
  • Clicking of the jaw

If any of these symptoms are accompanied by a high fever and facial or neck swelling, you should seek emergency medical treatment. Your oral health is important to us! If you are experiencing oral pain or discomfort – we are here to help and welcome walk-ins.

Tips & Tricks to Protect your Oral Health:

  • Brush your teeth at least TWICE a day with a soft-bristled brush using fluoride toothpaste. If you notice the bristles are starting to fray, out with the old and in with a new toothbrush!
  • Flossing daily minimizes the amount of plaque to build up and keeps your teeth and gums healthy.
  • A well-balanced, nutritious diet is important for good oral health, but general health is well. Try limiting foods and drinks with added sugars.
    • Water is your FRIEND – it helps wash away any bacteria or excess food, and fights against dry mouth.
  • Schedule regular dental checkups and cleanings – our dental team can help find potential health issues before they become a problem.
  • Avoiding tobacco products

With being proactive and putting your oral health as a top priority, these tips will naturally slow down the progression of any tooth decay or disease; ultimately keeping you safe and healthy!

A Healthy Smile Starts with Healthy Teeth

Building consistent oral habits and routine visits with our dental professional; Dr. Jeffrey Nielsen can prevent the development of many oral diseases, while keeping your oral health on track.

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